Fanfiction and Graphics for NBC's My Own Worst Enemy

Fanfiction/Graphics for NBC's My Own Worst Enemy
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MOWE's first fanfiction & graphic community

1. Be courteous to your fellow authors/artists. No flaming or spamming.
2. All kinds of fic and graphic are welcome here; as long as it is prefaced by appropriate content warnings. Rate your fic appropriately, too. Everyone likes a little porn, as long as they know what they're getting into first.
3. All fic goes behing a cut. I don't care if it's only 57 words long; if it's fic, it's behind a cut. Period.
4. Do not disable or delete comments. If it comes to my attention that comments have been disabled in a post or that a user's comments have been deleted in this comm, your post will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.
5. Don't link to friendslocked posts. This is a public community, and everyone should be able to read what you post.

Format isn't a big deal, as long as the following information is included somewhere:

Tag your fic. It's easier for others to find, and that means more readers and more feedback for you--it's really a win-win situation for everyone.
The current list of tags is available to view at: http://community.livejournal.com/worstenemy_fic/tag
Every fic should be tagged with at least one type (het, slash, or gen), pairing, and rating (g-nc-17).
[[contact a mod]]

My e-mail address is amory.vain@gmail.com. I am also available via private message, or through commenting on a mod post (althoug LJ occasionally glitches out and forgets to inform me of comments, so that's not as reliable as e-mail).

If you'd like to affiliate, send amory_vain a link to your community. You should be willing to post a link to worstenemy_fic in your community's profile as well.

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